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Founded by Selim Yasmine – a certified wine passionate and seasoned marketer with a passion for Lebanese wine – 209 is a community platform built around a series of engaging channels created to help you discover and appreciate a broad selection of Lebanese wine.

Serving as your personal online sommelier, 209 helps you pick and purchase the best bottle to suit your tastes, preferences and budget, and delivers your choice straight to your door.

Whether you are a seasoned wine connoisseur who knows what you want or a social drinker keen to discover new labels, we hope to take you on a guided journey through the eclectic world of Lebanese wine.

By surfing through 209 website, you will discover Lebanese wines, appreciate which is suitable for you, learn how to enjoy, benefit from exclusive promotions, and save time and hassle from the comfort of your place.

209 is built around the values of Choice, Reliability, Convenience and Guidance.

Choice: 209 is the only online marketplace where you will be able to find a selection of almost every available Lebanese wine.

Reliability: 209 is run by passionate & knowledgeable wine experts who store, deliver and serve wine under optimal conditions, guaranteeing you enjoy only the very best.

Convenience: 209 allows you to browse and buy a wide selection of Lebanese wines and delivers them to your door using a Standard, Express or Overnight professional delivery system.

Guidance: 209 uses a powerful online search and recommendation engine to help guide your choices based on your needs.

This means that, you will use our powerful and customized search engine, to identify which wine is a match to your meal, budget, taste and more. You will view a comprehensive fact sheet for each wine, and save time and hassle by ordering your selection online, and get it delivered to you with care.

Stories and tips will be regularly shared with you on 209 website, improving your knowledge about wine, and sharing with you distinctive stories from the fascinating world of wine.

We are proudly Lebanese and we want to make the experience of enjoying a great glass of Lebanese wine approachable and accessible to all.

Welcome to 209. We hope you will enjoy the journey!