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Explore This Month's Selection: The New Merweh 2016 From Sept Winery

An explosion of minerality and floral notes with an oriental twist of tamarind and rose water! 

This month, we're bringing you the newly-introduced Merweh 2016 made by Sept Winery from the rare indigenous Merweh grapes.

Read the amazing story behind this unique white wine and give it a try. 

The Story Behind This Bottle

Merweh is a grape variety that used to be planted all over Mount Lebanon, on small terraces built by our ancestors, among olive and fig trees. This way of agriculture, allowed the vines to climb on the trees and produce delicious grapes, protected from heat and hungry predators!

This polyculture tradition was spread all over the mountains of Lebanon. However, most of the Merweh vineyards died from Phylloxera during the '80s. Moreover, the civil war and rural exodus had their final "coup de grace" on what was left!

Today, Maher Harb from Sept Winery aims to restore and preserve this grape from extinction! He spent more than five years searching around the Lebanese villages, forests, and valleys for old vineyards that still exist in hidden places.

Luckily, in 2016, Maher found an amazing Century-old Merweh vineyard, franc de pied, that survived Phylloxera, civil war, and abandonment!

Since then, Sept Winery started working on this re-discovered, indigenous grape to bring to life the Sept Winery Merweh 2016 bottle. And as per Maher's own words, this bottle is "a celebration of the heroic work of our ancestors and the most honest expression of one of the oldest Lebanese mountains' grapes"!

We couldn't agree more after tasting this unique Lebanese dry white wine for the very first time. That's why we selected it for you this month.

You can get your hands on this not-so-accessible bottle from Sept Winery by purchasing it independently on our website or by subscribing to our wine club.